Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Ongoing Immortalisation of Mr. Gizmo




    It's been a funny old start to the year. I don't think any of us could have envisioned a year ago life as it is now and the series of historical world events that have marked our lives indelibly. 

    It seems that each day brings a further descent into chaos, fear and confusion, and no end is in sight - a daily viewing of the news has to be faced with a mixture of anxiety, fortitude, dread and a sinking sense of inevitability. In the midst of all of this chaos it's more important than ever to find an anchor for a sense of security in this ever howling storm. Amidst the darkness and the turbulence there has to be a calm place - somewhere small to light a candle and sit warm and safe within its reassuring glow. 

    My inspiration to make art has been, I admit, somewhat diminished since the start of the new year. I haven't made an art journal entry in ....well over a year. Has it been a year? Crap....yes...a year! That always used to be my 'go to' and I have realised that I really miss it. Not the big complicated arty farty pages, just the silly simple stuff that's just for the fun of it. I have limited mobility at the moment, so using the studio space with all the access to wondrous media is a bit of a non-starter....I have taken over space in the living room that I can use, relatively pain free, but with limited stuff-storing potential! Because of the whole space restriction thing, I've shuffled back to embroidery and I have to admit, I think it's saving my sanity! All those colours there at my fingertips ...and such a mellow process. 

    Of course, I need a subject. There's soooo much to choose from. Sooooo much.... soooooooooooo much...... But then, there's really only one subject of note that seems to take over so much of my inspiration zone: Gizmo! 

    Yes - the highly vocal old man of whiskers is becoming immortalised in a growing number of ways. I've decided that I am obviously being given a universal hint, so I'm going to run with it and create "The Nine Immortalisations of Gizmo!" So far, he's been cartooned:

....he's been inked in a fine art tribute to his Heathcliff windswept magnificence:

And now, in accordance with the directions from my self-calming muse, he has been immortalised in embroidery thread, at home amidst the winter garden foliage:


    He's nestled inside a 5" embroidery hoop and completed mostly in satin stitch. Gold thread picks out his glorious if craaaaazy whiskers and his permanently surprised eyebrows. His distinguished greying facial fur and manly chest fluff as well as his developing 'silver fox' moustache and beard are worn proudly as his cheery and hopeful little face looks towards the possibility of tickles, cuddles, chesty rubs and, of course, sausages. 

    (For the eagle eyed amongst you, you may notice that, in spite of a good roll with a lint brush, Leonard has found his way into the frame by means of a couple of strategic wafty Leonard fluff hairs of the very kind and variety that always seem to be present on toast, in tea and, inexplicably, in fresh, FACTORY SEALED tubs of yoghurt and tins of baked beans. Leonard is taking over, one hair at a time!)

    It's just a little project from me for my Husband who loves Gizmo so much, and whom I love beyond all bounds. It's an exceptionally tardy Yule gift! I know it's not perfect as I'm still feeling my way a little, but it was such immense fun to do and it kept me from going completely bonkers as the daily news reports burrowed through my brain like the voraciously destructive sand worms of Dune!

    Now I am inspired; back on track. I have work to do and commissions to complete, and I am back to enjoying the process and looking forward to the year ahead. I think that, when everything is overwhelming and the path forward seems unclear, the thing to do is just to take that first step.... You can do it in platform shoes, comfy slippers or wellington boots - it doesn't matter: it's the action that counts. 

    As for Mr. Gizmo Fo'Shizmo Fizzy Whizzy Doo-dah, his next immortalisation is brewing... Watch this space!

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