Saturday, December 26, 2020

Festive Fun and Frolics - Merry Christmas! xxx

 It's that festive time again - and I'm late with a Christmas post! *tsk!* Even with everything closed in a pandemic, with no guests or visitors or events to attend it would appear that I am STILL not organised at all! 

    The end of the year brought a flurry of activity, commissions and orders, which was a little unexpected and entirely fabulous. Commissions CAN be a nightmare, but experience has made me picky and I choose the clients I know I can enjoy working with. It's been a sheer delight to meet some completely gorgeous people and to know that my work adorns their walls (and in some cases, themselves!) and makes them happy. I can't tell you the joy that brings me! 

    I've not had a chance to work on my usual Christmas as Yule pieces, with the exception of my "Spirit of Hope" Yule exhibition piece, and I never share commission work without permission, so the offering I have for you to celebrate the season is a series of little illustrations I made for my Husband's Christmas cards from the cats, Father Christmas and, oh yes - me! I am hoping, in the months ahead, to make this blog a lot more interactive, with more tutorials, product information, work processes and the like, similar to my old blog site. For now, though, I offer you my kitties in Christmas mode which I hope very much that you will enjoy. 

    Much love to all this festive season. May light and love follow all of you this coming year. Stay safe and well - Shroo xxx


  1. Very proud to be a recipient of a Christmas Kitty! Thank you so much, lots of love from us all xxx

    1. So much love and kitty kisses back atcha! xxx


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